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Silvia Lee
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Ort:Riverside county, So. Cal.
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Etnik:Chinese American
Höhe:5'4" / 163 cm
Gewicht:90 lbs / 41 kg
Augen:Dark Brown
(NONE-NUDE) Catalog, Commercial, Editorial, Fashion, Lifestyle, Print, Promotion, Spokesmodel, Tradeshows

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MY STORY:       

I grew up @ a busy city of Hong Kong, China. I came to sunny California when I was 12. I can tell you I was the biggest tomboy, hehehe~ =P However, that summer, I was discovered by a local photographer- CAN~!! Since then, I've been doing some editorial/print/still shot photography. During those first shoots, I've realized how much I actually enjoyed being in front of the camera. Nobody telling me that I am too skinny, too "edgy"? or made fun of my "bunny teeth"? I just love the satisfaction of how the photos always come out extraordinary. I guess I just had a wonderful photographer that worked with me with all his patience, and taught me lots of stuff that I've got to master. I owe my success now to CAN~!! You are the best!! This summer, my senior year, also the year I turned 18. I've begun to start pursuing my modeling career. I've started at Formula D and Extreme Autofest-SD with Team Transport, and now, I am starting to work o­n my modeling portfolio, and hopefully, I would get more opportunity to work for big companies in the industry. =) 

  I love modeling; it gives me lots of chances to meet new people, to make new friends, and have fun at the same time. Also, I've been to places that I haven't been to EVER! Thanks for all the support from my family, friends, fans, photographers (CAN, Gary Wang, Patrick, Troy, Kelly Marshall) AND MY BOYFRIEND for making everything so wonderful for me! You guys are the BEST!!

A little interview of ME!!!

1. How did you get your start in modeling?
       I've started as a portriat/still shot model for 2 years, then this summer, I was discovered by a local photographer who introduced me in import modeling. Everything just started there, I went to my first show, 3 months before I turned 18~ *shush*

2. What do you like best about being a model?
        Meeting new people and fans~ Going to different places~! AND getting the attention I derserve~ jk ^^

3. What are your dreams and goals?
        Be happy and successful in every espect in my life. Great career, loving family, nice home...

4. Besides modeling, what do you do for fun?
         I like drawing cartoons, designing clothes, hanging out with friends, taking pictures, volunteering. I also LOVE white-water rafting, rock-climbing, camping, getting close to mother nature. =)

5. We know you're a model and all, but you must have a favorite food. What is it?
        I like all kinds of food, espeically Italian food! Pasta!! Carbs! Deserts!!! YuMmy~!!

6. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and who would you take with you?
      I would love to go to any beach with clear water, fine sand with my best friends.

7. What's o­ne thing about yourself that everyone should know?
        I am easily amused~!! Little stuff, little jokes make me laugh. I laugh at jokes that others think are lame. I get all happy when I recieve flowers, especially chocolate. I get all excited when my fans write to me. I can point at all sort of things and think they are ultra cute. Easily amused makes a happy person. =P

8. If you could have any car you wanted, what would it be?
         Honda S2000

9. What's your biggest turn o­n?
           People that is well-educated, well-toned, has a great personality and a sense of humor.Men that are tall, with gorgeous eyes that u could stare @ and won't ever get bored. Guys that smell really good. Guys in suits. Guys that has a sense of style. *drooling*

10. Would you prefer a guy to pursue you, or do you like to be the aggressor?
          Guy pursueing me~ AwWwWwW... how sweet~! However, if u ar too shy, I wouldn't mind being a lil more aggressive~~ *</P>

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