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I am a photographer in the Anchorage area, looking to help models expand their portfolios and build up my business. I do fashion, casual, swimwear, and lingerie shoots but my primary concentration is building model portfolios and assisting them in getting work in local, national and international print industry.
I do a good mount of artistic photo-art. I use extreme lighting, unique settings and creative poses.
My photography is a creative passion that burns inside my heart, if I have not made you stop, look, and think about my work then I have not done my job.

As a portfolio manager

If you are wanting to be come a model I will work hard to get you started but to me becoming a model means you want "to do some modeling" right ! not just snap your fingers right! not just get discovered right... Have you ever said things like I am willing to work hard to attain my goals? I say this to myself all the time. I do work hard, and I attain most of my goals. So can you.

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A eclectic style of contradistinctive efforts with occasional prurient themes.
John Pilge
Soquel,  California
United States

I started Photography back in high school just goofing off stuff nothing worth mentioning at all, I went to Egypt in the late seventies and spent three years jumping from place to place and always seemed to be running out of film. I have some great stuff from those lost years it seems I can just never find them when I want to post them.

When I came back to the USA things had changed a great deal, I felt I could fit in didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. There I sat for the longest time. (I guess I am dating myself really well here.) I started working in the computer industry, back when the web was o­nly ftp download,  you paid $100.00 per meg of ram, and the fastest modem was a 9600kb. ( for all those who wonder that is 55.1 times slower than a 56m model of today.) Getting an image 100K posted or downloaded was a day long event. I made a good living back then as a computer geek. ( I guess I still could).

I got heavy in computer graphics building websites and database programs, I found my old camera in o­ne of those clean out the junk lets move o­n modes I seem to have from time to time. Cleaned it up took a few shots, then had to take it in to get all that sand out of it. ( it was total loss.) Well it was still a hobby for me so I bought o­ne of those new digital sony cybershots. ( okay I think I bought it because it had a cool name for web stuff.) I found that it beat the heck out of scanning all those images, no it wasn't top quality but it worked fine for the web graphics and the family ports everyone seemed to ask me to shoot for their websites.

As I have said more times than I can count "If you can dream it then you can make it happen!"

So I took the jump and started my own graphics and photography company, as things would have it, it is a tuff market there are countless artists and photographers trying to get published. Now it seems that there are even more with every new digital camera and software release. So like every other photographer or model I have met I am trying to produce an image that is just beyond what others do or have done.

I think I am successful at it. I live in o­ne of those towns that you would never think to find models, it has no real mag. no o­ne really publishes anything here and everyone has a camera to get that image of the moose, or the sunset, or other scenic event, if you do find a model that really wants to go places, you have to get them over the four other "guys with a camera" that have tried everything to bed them.

My o­ne big dream is to get that cover image, that just makes people stop look and think. I am constantly looking and shooting for that image. I don't know if this is a bio or a short story about who I am nor if there is much difference in that. I do know that I place more effort in this business than other business owners do ( at least around here ). No I am not a master of my check book, nor do I live o­n the hillside, drive a big SUV, I am a shooter editing my own images running a small 2400 sq ft studio, a model manager trying to help the ten working models I have found work and get printed, if they are successful then I know I have been somewhat successful.

I am Chas a Photographer from Anchorage, Alaska.

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Thank you very much :)

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Thanks for the Add Beautiful pictures!!!


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