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How to become a model?

  • Get some good pictures of you in different clothes and different locations. Show how versatile you are. (photos don't need to be pro and a more natural look maybe prefered by agencies. Don't spent a fortune and don't fall for photo scams).
  • Create your portfolio containing a biography, your images and vital information.
  • Submit your portfolio to several websites (including us of course). (Several, because they advertise for you and this is an easy and affordable way of getting noticed)
  • Advertise your portfolio.
  • If you are serious, get your own website with your own domain name (www.YourName.com).
  • Advertise your domain on portfolio sites and wherever you get the opportunity.

How should a portfolio look like? A portfolio should contain a biography (some words about you), your measurements and other attributes and a variety of pictures showing how versatile you are in different surroundings and clothes. Look at other portfolios. Don't post photos which are disadvantageous to your carreer.

Why should I submit my portfolio to you? To get seen or promoted and to attract agents to contact you or to visit your site. Its advertisement. www.ModelGraphy.com receives over 25,000,000 hits per month and is visited by many people out of the model industry. ModelGraphy has helped many models.

How to submit my portfolio to you? Enter your info into our online form. Then you will receive further instructions. If you need your images scanned let us know, we will help. We will review your portfolio before it goes public. We will help you to increase your chances of getting selected by the modeling agents or the industry.

Why did my portfolio never show on your site? Mostly because:

  • Less than 3 sufficient photos.
  • Photos are too small (they are stamps).
  • Photo quality is too bad.
  • Photo subject is bad.
  • Too many un-releated photos.
  • Age restricted avatar or photos not marked as age restricted.
  • Model's or photographer's Screen Name is not related to a person but to a company or website.
  • Portfolio is unrelated advertisement and not modeling releated.
  • Porfolio looks like an attempt to gain access to our members for un-related reasons.

In case of doubt ask us: Email Form

Reasons not to join www.modelgraphy.com

  • You are not a photographer.
  • You are not a model.
  • You are not interested in becoming a model.
  • You are not otherwise modeling related.
  • You don't need advertisement. People will find you somehow.
  • You have a website, but don't want anyone to see it.
  • You have a member area, but don't want anyone to join.
  • You got beautiful photos of yourself or your work, but you don't want anyone to see them.
  • You are a damn sexy model, but afraid some guy might like you.
  • You have no time for this as party life is too hard and those party animals promise heaven.
  • You are not an early bird and don't get out of bed to a shooting anyways.
  • There are more important things than pursuing some career.
  • You just wanna be discovered and get reach with no work, because your are beautiful ... today.
  • Someone else told you not to join and you listen to them.
  • Your MySpace profile is sufficient. People will find you among 147 Million mostly unrelated profiles.

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