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Hal Yarbrough
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Date of birth:1952-04-09

Well, I am easy going, and I really enjoy working with aspiring models.  It's always great to hear they like my work and want to shoot again.  I am the Owner of Dare2wear Swimwear Company and former Owner of EGO Swimwear Company.  I have been shooting for over 30 years and really enjoy working with others.  My main focus is to create images that make the Models and product look hot...tastefully of course.  I have shot with models from Russia to Norway, to England and South America.  I have also worked with numerous other models from all around the USA.

I have a Masters Of Arts Degree from Central Michigan University with a Minor in Human Resources. 

My goal for Dare2wear Swimwear Company is to sell products at reasonable prices while helping others to achieve their goals.  Everyone that knows me knows that I like helping others.  I have always been that way and will never change. 

What I look for in Models:  A pretty face, average bustline and a curvy booty.  I LOVE a Model with lots of curve..the more the better.  I also like Models with a genuine personality, not fake.  Being yourself around me impresses me a lot more than putting o­n airs.  And finally, I love working with models who like to have fun.  Modeling and Photography is work, but if it can't be fun, than I need to put my camera down.

What I don't like in Models:  Models who don't show - don't call.  That is disrespectfull and not professional. 

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Ashley: Asian Barbie
Ashley: Asian Barbie
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2007 Mar 03 07:27
Love working with you!

2007 Feb 20 20:38
thanks for the add! brilliant work, much luv and success. 

2007 Feb 08 18:10

Thanks for the add! Nice work! Let me know when you will be coming to Alabama!

2007 Feb 01 20:03
Let me know if you are ever down here in Mickey Mouse Town!!!

I'd love to shoot with you.

Great work, by the way!

; )

2007 Jan 31 17:37
Thank you for the add, beautiful work!


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Hal Yarbrough

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