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Photo shoot request, booking request, casting call, ...

Use this form, if you want to hire a photographer, model etc. or are a photographer and look for a model or if you are a model and look for a photographer. This form can be used to address an individual (open from the profile) or to place a casting call (open from project offer page).

This is not a dating request form. If you enter such a request or respond to a post in such a way, we reserve the right to post your personal information under Idiot of the Month!!! Note also that some users selected to have their messages screened. Offers in an unknown language, not in accordance with the models statement, private messages, contact requests or unserious offers are not forwarded. Please, serious offers ... this is not for cheap freaks to get model work.

Note: Posts are not public except by special request!

Note: Only a few entries are mandatory. Most entries are suggestions and good style to fill in.

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Model, Photographer, Agent etc.
 Professional Status:
professional, semi-pro, amateur etc.
 Phone Number: Fax:
Some photographers require the model to be over 18.
website for references
References of others you have worked with.

To: jade1993

Model, Photographer, Hostess, Spokeswoman etc.
Asian, Caucasian, tall, short ...
Depends on look and distance, all expenses paid or up to amount of $xxx ...
in US Dollar per hour, or TFP
e.g. Model (Photos) gets material for her free disposal (not reproduction)
 Chaperone / Companion:
e.g. model may be accompanied by another person.
e.g. provided, model shall bring


Might also be like "Visit to California" if you travel and would like to do some shoots
use: yyyy-mm-dd;
Tentative date and time; or date range like 2004-07-02 to 2004-07-23
Time of arrival till time when ready to leave.
Area, City, State


 Apply Until:
Enter last date (yyyy-mm-dd) applications are accepted
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