Kymberly Mei

Kymberly Mei
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Kymberly Mei
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Location:Toronto Ontario
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Vital Stats
Date of birth:1983-06-15
Height:5' 3" / 160 cm
Weight:94 lbs / 43 kg
Hair:dark brown-black
Eyes:light brown
Dress size:0
Shoe size:6
Types of Modeling
music videos, fashion shows, swim wear, print, urban, pageants. import shows etc..

My name is Kymberly Woods A.K.A. Kymberly Mei. Born in the beautiful Brirish Columbia and raised in Toronto. I am 21 years old and currently a pre-law student. some of my modeling high lights is the Miss Toronto pageant (1st runner up 2003). being a featured model for import show throughout north america and also being given the chance to fly out to L.A, Miami etc... for other shoots and shows. as a model in Toronto, i do print work, fashion shows and promotional work for companies such as Benson & Hedges -Gold Series, Maxim/Coorslight, and Roca wear canada. I also have appeared in music videos and hosted club events.

Growing up my older brother convinced me that i was a boy growing up. so... I became a pain in the ass. grade 4 I got suspended from school for throwing dry dog poo at the girls. I hated wearing dresses, and my mom always told me to be a "girl" but i hated it! grade 7 i got suspended a second time for drinking in the girls change room after gym class. Grade 9 got kicked out of school for missing 160 days (that was my first year of high school) grade 10 i got suspended again for beating up a girl outside of the library, by then my parents shipped me off to a private school. where i smoked a lot of weed!! by grade 11-12 i became more of a "women" started branching off doing odd modeling jobs for the money, and here i am now! hopefully starting law school in a year!! and thats my life!

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Kymberly Mei

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