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Location:Las Vegas, Nevada
Email:Email - Requires browser support
Contracted to:Not yet til i find very good agency, manager or Booking Agent tht's very IMPORTANT for me trust em as long as we are agreeing.. I am open book =-)
Vital Stats
Date of birth:
Ethnicity:Mixed Beautiful Lady
Height:5'4" / 163 cm
Weight:115 lbs / 52 kg
Hair:Very Long Hair w/ Natural Black
Eyes:Brown Eyes
Dress size:4
Shoe size:7
Anything possible.
Car show. Magz, Promotion.tradeshow,music video n lot of varies
Languages:Fleunt English
Types of Modeling
Car show, Glamours, Print ad, spokemodel, Video music, Go Go dancer, Varies

My Philosophy Affects Your Life

The majority of your philosophy was learned by the time you were child

As they mature, they reconsider past beliefs and make changes for the future if necessary.

This philosophy controls everything you do in your life. It is your destiny and determines how everything will turn out in the end.

Where does philosophy originate?

Culture Influences Philosophy

The nationality of the country you were raised in affects your philosophy. People have different styles of life depending o­n whether they are American, black, Indian, Iranian, Japanese, Mexican or any other nationality.

People have different beliefs according to how they were taught. What is natural and good for o­ne culture, offends other cultures and is considered odd.

Think about what opinions are inherited from your upbringing in your culture.

The Culture of Family Life

As you are grew up, your parents, and other relatives influenced the way you think. If you oppose your family's philosophy now, your relatives may judge you and think something is wrong with you.

The culture of your family usually reflects the majority of your country, however if your family migrated from another country they might hold o­nto some of their original country's beliefs and have a different philosophy from the country they currently reside in.

The contrast between the two cultures can lead to conflict and mental stress, when you try to compromise and work out problems.

Think about the situations with your family and how it influences your philosophy.

Your Schooling

The purpose of the school system to educate and make good citizens. When you attend school you will be taught to follow the rules of the school system. These rules are the school system's philosophy.

When you take a history class, the teacher will probably tell you more information about the country you live in, and less information about other countries. Also, depending o­n whether it is a public school, christian school or a special school for delinquents, there will be a different philosophy. Each school has their own set of rules to follow.

Your Social Influences

When you socialize and make friends, your friends usually have the same interests and beliefs about their philosophy of life. Everytime you get together, you confirm your philossphy without conscious knowledge of it.

If you change your group of friends, you will lean towards the philosophy of your new friends.

Although you might not be fully aware of your philosophy because it is locked in your subconscious mind, you follow it anyway without thinking about it. You should take time to seriously consider why you think this way, where your beliefs originated and is this best for you.</center>

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[Full Name]: Laveeta Michelle Evans

[Reside]: Las Vegas, Nevada

[Height]: 5'4



[My Rep crew]: bay area Ladies of SIN

[My Escort / Partner]: Miss April B.

I am o­ne of the leading figure model and go-go dancing in Las Vegas. I am hard-driven and professional and I’d like to invite you to view my profile and pictures. I was raised in Compton, CA and recently moved to Las Vegas where I am having a fantastic and successful time. Although I am profound deaf it is not a handicap for me. My career has moved steadily ahead as I can talk and read the lips very well. I am very active, easy going, very open-minded and very versatile. I am always up for and happy to take o­n new challenges. I love meeting new people, and working with them to create wonderful photos.

My experience includes car shows, event promotion, teer sheet magazine,go-go dance crew, tradeshow, make-up and hairstyle modeling, Clothing Line, Runway, Warehouse and glamour modeling and I am always up for and happy to take o­n new challenges. I love meeting new people, and working with them to create wonderful photos.

I am mainly looking for paid work with TFP/PAID and will o­nly consider TFCD o­n a very select basis, including projects that will enhance my portfolio or offer exceptional exposure. My rates are reasonable and I willing to work o­n an hourly or daily basis. As my schedule permits I will travel with paid expenses. If you’re looking for a beautiful lady for your photo shoot or any project I’m your girl. I dont mind work with Female & Male Models for Shoot with TFP/TFCD either if you interest then discuss with me then i'll be more happier work with you in the great future. At this time I am accepting limited TFP/Paid the rates requests. I am looking for professional highly photographers that can produce KING, Black Men Magazine, Smooth, Maxim, etc. type and QUALITY (have you seen your quality work in these magazines?) images. I am really looking for color!

if you want make a wallspaper, banners and retouches for me (pictures) ill be more happier!! then we can discuss about this and give me sample picture what i like before i'll make a payment paypal, credit cards and western union as well

I need a highly professional photographer who is credible in taking some studio or nice outdoor pictures of me (wearing lengerie, swimsuit, etc..). I need a photgrapher who can make me feel sexy in front of the camera and bring out the truer side of me. Don't waste my time, and I won't waste your's. The task is to take some "import model-ish" pictures of me. Get to me ASAP if you're interested

STYLE!! I've always been a fan of urban / style photos with funky styles. hot hairstyle, roller skates, and some flashy makeup. I'M UP FOR IT!! I will o­nly comply with this option if the photographer has a make-up artist o­n hand so that we can come up with some outstanding photographers. I want to bring some style to my portfolio and I am willing to work hard to make your profile look unique as well., I am open to all suggestions for style and clothing warehouse. I believe I have a better than average ability with makeup but opportunities as serious as I would a paid shoot and have no problem with hiring a MUA. I am willing to travel with expenses paid & I usually have an escort to help with my bags and for general safety reasons. They are quiet and non distracting. Please discuss any issues you may have with someone else being present prior to the shoot.

- If you are interested in working with me, please contact me at msveetaliiciious@aol.com
Serious inquiries o­nly please!

- When contacting me, please include the following:

1) A detailed description of the project
2) Type of photography
3) Date, Time, and Duration
4) Location of the shoot
5) Rates or TFP/CD
6) Will Hair, Make-up, and wardrobe be included
7) Your name, references, contact info, and proposed model release
8) URL to samples of your work

Thanks a lot!
Hope to work with you soon!!
Laveeta Evans

Photographer I've worked:

Butch padilla
Kenny wong
Rich yee
Hang wong
D. Talbiot
Jennifer Horton(Sinister)
Daniel Zoller
Guy (Guzz)
Chris(Blinding Images)
Dave Michael
John Rettie
Eric Stoner
Aj Patterson
Daniel Mitchell
Jose Manuel Des Caso
Steve (WSimage)
M Manny (Mayhem #121464)

Deon Derrick
William J. Leonard
Chris Wondstra
Norman Rolden
Suydan The man

bill Leonard
Alferdo Andreani
Byanca Gazaria
Jeffery Scott
Bodies Engel
Mathew Davis
John Marks
Dc photos
R.J Bernier
Scott Robinson
Alan Images
Brian Evers
Photoyntheique Images


Make Up Artist I've worked:
Zoya Pride
Kristina Diaz
Carissa Ferreri
Krystal Randell

Roderick( graphic designer)
William "rex" Mariano ( Exposed Vinyl & Graphics)

go-go /events
Las Vegas and California locations.

Female models shoots I worked:
Michelle ly
Jackie sin
Tiffany cruz
Genie aka gee-gee
Alieen jo
April b.
Amanda heartbeat
Stacey Scott

Jan.7-8 2008 - Ces show Las Vegas, Nv
Jan.9-12 2008 - Avn/aee show Las Vegas, Nv
Mar.8 2008 - H.I.N. Nightshift San Mateo, Ca

Mar.10 2007- H.I.N. San Mateo, Ca
Apr.28 2007- H.I.N. Boston, MA
Jun.2 2007-  Nightshift H.I.N.  Chula Vista, Ca
Jun.3 2007- Streetlow Car show San Jose, Ca
Jul.14 2007- Extreme Autofest Pomona, Ca
Aug.11 2007- H.I.N. Chicago, ILL
Aug.25 2007- H.I.N. Los Angeles, Ca
Sept.29 2007- H.I.N. San Fransisco, Ca
Jul.14-15 2006- Extreme Autofest Las Vegas, Nv
Aug.19 2006- H.I.N. Los Angeles, Ca
Sept.9 2006-  H.I.N.Nightshift  Las Vegas, Nv
Sept.23 2006-  H.I.N.Nightshift San Fransisco, Ca
Sept.24 2006- Dub Show San Mateo, Ca
Sept.30 2006- H.I.N.Nightshift Seattle, Wa
Oct.1 2006- Extreme Autofest Chula Vista, Ca
Oct.7 2006- H.I.N. Dallas, Tx
Nov.18 2006- Vip Auto Fashion Show Los Angeles, Ca
Dec.16 2006- H.I.N. Miami, Fla

Apr.8 2005- H.I.N. Las Vegas, Nv
Apr.16 2005-Extreme Autofest Pomona, Ca
Apr.23 2005- H.I.N. San Fransisco, Ca
Apr.29 2005-H.I.N. Boston, MA
Jun.11 2005- Formula D Houston, Tx
Jun.25 2005- H.I.N. Chantilly, Va
Dec.3 2005- Vip Autofashion Show Anahiem, Ca
Dec.10 2005- H.I.N. Miami, Fla

Feb.2  2004- H.I.N. San Fransicio, Ca
Feb.19 2004- Dub Show Los Angeles, Ca
Mar.18 2004- H.I.N. San Diego, Ca
Apr.22 2004 - H.I.N. Virgina, VA
Jun.25 2004- Extreme Autofest San Fransico, Ca
Mar.25 2004-  HIN Chicago, ill
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Laveeta Evans
Chopper magazine
© Chopper Magazine
San Diego, California
Kenny Wong
© Kenny Wong
San Jose, CA
Laveeta Evans
Butch padilla
© Butch Padilla
Las Vegas
Pulled Model April B's hair...
Laveeta Evans and April B.
Blinding Images
© Blinding Images
Las Vegas Studios
Confusing-a-sleepless bedroom
Laveeta Evans
Guzz Guy
© Guzz Guy
Relfection in myself
Laveeta Evans
Hang Wang
© Hang Wang
Bailtmore, Maryland
Breezie Glamour
Laveeta Evans
Hang Wang
© Hang Wang
Bailtmore, Maryland
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