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Free Image Tool MGLogo

Didn't you think, it would be nice if your graphic program could do the work on all your photos without requiring you to do it one by one?

  • Process an entire folder of photos at ones.
  • Create thumbnails in a selectable folder and/or with selectable postfix and size.
  • Create resized images in a selectable folder and/or with selectable postfix and size. Place a logo or text on all of them. Select from many additional options and preview the result.

Program also creates sample HTML code one easily can customize with "find and replace" in most editors. This really speeds up creating your website galleries.

MGLogo resizes photos, creates thumbnails, places a logo or Copyright text on the resized photo. MGLogo reads the content of an entire folder (batch) and creates the resized images in a selectable location. MGLogo is a tool for models and photographers to prepare an entire photo cd for publishing. The program has many features, just download and check it out.

Notice: Due to the nature of the JPEG format, the quality of the results may not be as expected. Verify results with "JPEG Preview" and adjust colors of Copyright text or Logo for better results. MGLogo might need more resouces than you have installed on your PC, which will cause the program to stop.

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