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Vital Stats
Date of birth:
Height:5' 2" / 157 cm
Weight:84 lbs / 38 kg
Hair:black - reaches below my butt!
Eyes:dark brown
Types of Modeling
glamour (up to artistic nude), fashion, promo

decadenceball081. What are your vital statistics?

36DD-21-32" (91DD-54-81 cm), 5'2" (156 cm), 39 kg (85 lb.).


2. How old are you?

See if you can guess!


3. What is your ethnic background?

I was born in Japan, grew up in Taiwan, and had some education in America. Ethnically my mother is Japanese and my father is Chinese. Now I am an Australian.


4. What languages do you speak?

English, Mandarin, Taiwanese and Japanese. I can also read, write and sing in all of these languages, as well as sing many Italian opera songs.


5. What educational qualifications do you have?

I have studied in Taiwan and California State University, and have a bachelor degree in education.


6. What is your star sign?

I am (very much!) a Leo.


7. Are your breasts real?

What do you think?:-)


8. What do you like and dislike about yourself physically?

(1) There are two things I don't like. One is the permanent deafness in my left ear. This was caused by an infection in my childhood, which my mother did not treat seriously enough. For any person, especially a musician, it is a big loss. The other thing I have is a scar on my right buttock, caused by a doctor's maltreatment in my childhood. If my butt looks a little odd in some photos, this is why.:-(

(2) Although I often get compliments from people about my body and looks, I always feel that I can improve them. Yet, I am very happy with the fact that my skin is good enough for me to never have to wear any make-up (I do have tattooed eyebrows, however). Apart from lipstick, I do not have any make-up on in any of the photos on my site. What you see is what you get! If I did put make-up on, I might look a little better, but I simply hate the feeling of having chemicals on my face.


9. What do you like and dislike about yourself emotionally?

(1) I don't like my own fussiness about people and my environment. Although it serves me well in keeping me away from negative people and other things, I do wish I could be a bit less fussy and more flexible sometimes so my life could be a little easier.

(2) I feel lucky to have been raised by my father to be an honest and straightforward person. This attracts good people to trust and get close to me, which is great for forming all kinds of relationships. I view this as the foundation of my attraction and happiness, so I am very proud of it.


10. What do you like to do in your free time?

Going to good restaurants and enjoying various foods (really!), listening to quality (mostly classical) music, watching good films and walking on the beach. Occasionally spending time with my friends.


11. What other work do you do apart from your web site?

Variety is necessary for me to keep me interested in my work. So apart from modelling for my web site, I also do public and private performance (playing piano, singing, belly dancing).


12. How do you view your web site?

I view my web site as a vehicle for me to express myself, not just sexually, but also artistically, emotionally, philosophically and spiritually. I know that probably sounds pretentious, but I hope the content of this FAQ - as well as the artistic quality of my photos - convince you I'm serious! My site is a tool for me to get myself connected with whoever is willing to connect with me, in any way he or she feels they want to (so long as they treat me with the proper respect). Plus of course, I need to make a living somehow, so I might as well do something I enjoy!


13. What do you think of the internet generally?

I think the internet is possibly the best thing that has happened to mankind in the last decade. It allows people like me to express myself to the world without having to sell my soul to a modelling agency, for example, or for any kind of artist to get in touch with their fans without having to go through the creativity sapping, commercially driven entertainment companies. I also think it is a great way for many people to have a social life. I am often frustrated by reports of people having so-called 'unhealthy obsessions' with the internet. Communicating over the internet is no less healthy than any other form of social interaction; it is simply a more comfortable alternative for many people. Indeed, in my opinion it is far more healthy than, say, going to the pub and getting drunk with your mates. And how else can you meet people on the other side of the world so easily?


14. Do you feel bad if people view you as a porn model and use your photos for masturbation?

(1) I think it's a good thing that people enjoy my photos sexually and use them for masturbation - I myself used to masturbate to Japanese adult comic books. It's not always practical to have sex with another person whenever we need to release our sexual frustration. If we don't release it, sooner or later we will go crazy and do stupid and harmful things. Masturbation is a convenient, safe and low-cost way to get relief.

(2) If people also admire my photos artistically, or admire the philosophy I express in my FAQ and share some of my opinions, I appreciate that very much and feel very happy to know that they do. On the other hand, if you don't like my opinions but still enjoy my pictures anyway, that's fine too.


15. There must be people who criticise you for what you do. How do you feel about it?

It's understandable that lots of people criticise me - or even put me down - due to all the sexual suppression in our society. Yet I think that these are exactly the sort of people who really should learn about sex from sites like this one - there's a lot more to it than just fucking and breeding! If you think sex is dirty or a sin, in my opinion you aren't emotionally healthy or informed.


16. Do you do hardcore?

Sorry, but no. It just isn't something I want to do. Not that I think there's anything wrong with hardcore, it just isn't my style.


17. Are you sexually interested in women?

Although I generally prefer men, every once in a while I like to play with women as the male character - it's fun to feel like a man sometimes!


decadenceball1718. Who is your idol?

There is one woman in Taiwan whose articles I've read regularly for years, although she is now retired. Her Chinese name is Shi Ji-Ching (I don't even know if she has a proper English name), and she is largely unknown outside of Taiwan. However, I consider her philosophy and guidance globally applicable, and it has benefited my life and my relationships enormously. Shi Ji-Ching is the woman who has brought the most enlightenment to my life, so I admire and respect her greatly.

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