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Saundra Vizzerra
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Saundra Vizzerra
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Location:Phoenix, Arizona
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Vital Stats
Date of birth:
Ethnicity:Mexican, Italian, Spanish, Argentinean
Height:5'2" / 157 cm
Weight:105 lbs / 48 kg
Hair:Black Long
Dress size:3
Shoe size:7.5
Types of Modeling
non-nude, lingerie, glamour, swimsuit, fashion, casual
I was born in Phoenix, Arizona March 28th 1979.  I lived in a small town named Kearny, which is about 86 miles south east of Phoenix.  It was such a tiny town the population at the time was aprox 1,500.  I remember going to preschool there and then we moved up to Phoenix when I four.  Ever since then we’ve moved around between Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa. 

At the age of about 11 I began my interest in modeling.  My best friend and I would take pictures of each other all the time, modeling with different back grounds, clothes, make up, hair styles.  It was fun, I still have some of those old photos stashed away where nobody can see them!  We were funny kids.  Then I moved o­n to singing and focused o­n that for about 7 years.  Then at the age of 18 I decided I’d try again and started building a portfolio, signed up with a couple agencies and took some acting classes.  Then I got too busy with my daughter, school, work I just didn’t have time and unfortunately I had to put it o­n the back burner again. 

Another 8 years passed by and I found myself working as a cocktail waitress and not very excited with my path.  o­ne night this jewelry designer came in and asked me if I would like to model for his jewelry company.  Being that I am a jewelry designer and had been pondering getting back into modeling I said yes.  It was the perfect opportunity.  So I did my first shoot for Playa Pearlz and took my photos and began my new portfolio.

>From there things just started happening for me.  I’ve been modeling ever since and have grown rapidly as a local model.  I am now venturing out of state and widening my horizon of experience.  I look forward to working with brilliant photographers, exciting reputable companies and growing with the industry.

I am focused and ambitious about my career in modeling and am willing to work hard to be successful.  My short term goal is to be a successful well known model amongst the import scene.  Being that I have this obsession with Mustang’s I’ve grown the love for muscle cars and well, fast cars in general.  I enjoy car modeling and working car events.  My long term goal is to be successful in lingerie, glamour, and bikini modeling.  My other long term goal is to become a successful singer in electronic genres.  Who knows maybe I’ll start something new, or become a part of an upcoming electronic genre.

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Saundra Vizzerra
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