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Interview model Arlene Sebastian

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  • Rowald:How are you today?
  • Arlene:I am doing well today. Thank you for asking. I hope you are too.
  • Rowald:When and how did you start modeling?
  • Arlene: I started when I was approximately 18 years old. To be honest, I started modeling because it boosted my self-image. Nowadays, I do it for extra cash.
  • Rowald:What category of photos do you do?
  • Arlene: I don’t go beyond implied nude with knickers on.
  • Rowald: Did you take any classes for modeling or acting?
  • Arlene: Nope. Eventually I kind of got the hang of modeling after looking at a bunch of magazines. I am self taught.
  • Rowald: What do you do to make a shoot work out?
  • Arlene: A couple of shots of Tequila will do the job!
  • Rowald: Does a shoot make you nervous?
  • Arlene: Only when my husband watches…but generally no. I love the thrill and the extra cash
  • Rowald: What was your most exiting modeling moment?
  • Arlene: Unfortunately I have yet to experience that feeling.
  • Rowald: What's your experience been like so far?
  • Arlene: So far so good.
  • Rowald: How has the industry treated you so far?
  • Arlene: As like any occupation that is mainly based on one’s outer shell and talent, it’s pretty tough. There are a lot of competition so one must be thick skinned and have a day job.
  • Rowald: I guess you do not do modeling full time. What else do you do?
  • Arlene: Fortunately no, modeling is a hobby as well as extra income for me. I work as Business Account Analyst and I also attend Law school part time. I am currently a J.D. Freshman. On top of all these I am also a wife and a mother to a 2 year old little boy.
  • Rowald: What are the worst assumptions people make about models?
  • Arlene: In general, most people assume models to be difficult, self centered, and vain. For the most part this statement is true.
  • Rowald: Do you have any favorite artists?
  • Arlene: Flogging Molly, Prince, Jason Mraz, and Van Morrison
  • Rowald: Did you ever want to become an artist?
  • Arlene: Oh no no no….I was trying to boost my self image, not drag it on the mud.
  • Rowald: What other talents do you pursue?
  • Arlene: I actually make beautiful music with my arm pits. If there was ever a position in an orchestra, I would audition.
  • Rowald: Do you have any hobbies?
  • Arlene: I love to read about history. I am actually a history fanatic. I’m into the Civil War and Holocaust. This year we went to the 144th Commemoration of the Civil War Re-enactment in Gettysburg. That was AWESOME! My family and I dress up in Civil War clothing (Yes, I have the Victorian dress) almost every weekend!
  • Rowald: Did you travel a lot and where to?
  • Arlene: I guess if you consider traveling to LA from San Diego then yes.
  • Rowald: Where would you like to go?
  • Arlene: I would like to visit Gettysburg again. I would also love to go to the Auswitz concentration camp.
  • Rowald: If you wanted to do something nice for your man what would you do?
  • Arlene: Give him a couple of bucks.
  • Rowald: Where will you be seen next?
  • Arlene: I will be at Stater Bros to do my grocery shopping.
  • Rowald: What type of photos is your preference?
  • Arlene: Eclectic/Grunge I like photos that are one of a kind and with that correspond my innate nature to do shoots that are unique and sometimes extreme. With that said, above all my category parameter still stands.
  • Rowald: What do you think about your look?
  • Arlene: Well I am definitely not organic; I’m very much manufactured from the plastic surgeon’s office. There’s still room for improvement.
  • Rowald: What do you feel is your sexiest feature?
  • Arlene: My smirk
  • Rowald: Are you going out often?
  • Arlene: Not as much nowadays. It gets old after a while.
  • Rowald: What type of reaction do you get when you go out?
  • Arlene: I’m not sure. I never paid attention
  • Rowald: Have you been disrespected by men because of modeling?
  • Arlene: Nope not yet. I don’t see why men would. The type of modeling I mostly do is catered around them.
  • Rowald: Do you have a thing you always have in your purse that you can't leave home without?
  • Arlene: Driver’s License and credit card
  • Rowald: What is your favorite type of clothing or accessories to shop for?
  • Arlene: Anything on sale!
  • Rowald: Do you have any favorite color you like to wear?
  • Arlene: White
  • Rowald: What woman do you find sexy?
  • Arlene: Despite her bad reputation, I find Angelina Jolie sexy.
  • Rowald: What type of music do you listen to?
  • Arlene: It ranges from Kenny G to Lil’ Wayne. It all depends on my mood.
  • Rowald: Do you have favorite food, drinks?
  • Arlene: I LOVE Sushi and Indian food.
  • Rowald: Would you consider yourself a health freak?
  • Arlene: Nope
  • Rowald: Do you hit the gym a lot?
  • Arlene: No because I’m always aiming for Baskin Robbins.
  • Rowald: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
  • Arlene: Hopefully finished with my Law school.
  • Rowald: Are you in a relationship?
  • Arlene: Married with children
  • Rowald: What's your favorite body part on a man?
  • Arlene: Eyes
  • Rowald: Can you memorize jokes easily? If so, tell us one.
  • Arlene: Yes I sure can. Ok, what do you call a pig who knows Karate??? A pork chop! (Get it??)
  • Rowald: Do you have a fetish and if, what is it?
  • Arlene: Nope, I’m normal ;-)
  • Rowald: What was your biggest adventure?
  • Arlene: Everyday is an adventure for me.
  • Rowald: Do you dream often and what are your dreams about?
  • Arlene: I’m sure I do but then I forget when I wake up…
  • Rowald: Are you a shy person?
  • Arlene: Depends if I had a coffee or not
  • Rowald: What are your secrets? Well you won't tell, but do you have many no one knows about?
  • Arlene: If I told you then they wouldn’t be secrets. Ok if you insist. I might as well tell you I’m really a man.
  • Rowald: Have you ever told someone you had a crush on him/her?
  • Arlene: Only after that person confesses to me first. I am old school
  • Rowald: Are you romantic?
  • Arlene: no
  • Rowald: What do you prefer Luxury hotel, tent or both?
  • Arlene: I actually like both. I like camping.
  • Rowald: Does it take you long to get ready to go out?
  • Arlene: It’s about a good 2 hours I would say.
  • Rowald: Do you change dress style often, like being flexible in look from casual to fine, or do you have like every days wear?
  • Arlene: I have my comfort clothes w/c are my everyday wear and then I have my “clubbing” clothes. I prefer my comfort clothes though.
  • Rowald: Are you a so called high maintenance girl?
  • Arlene: Nah…high maintenance are for sissies.
  • Rowald: Would you make your hands dirty in order to get something done rather than waiting for help?
  • Arlene: Why would one wait for?!? Just because one is a girl doesn’t mean their quadriplegic or disabled
  • Rowald: What attracts or inspires you?
  • Arlene: In regards to men it would be their honesty. For inspiration it would be to reform our flawed legal system.
  • Rowald: When meeting a man, where do you look first at?
  • Arlene: You can tell a lot by how a man dresses. If he has a faux-hawk with his collar up he is definitely a follower and probably gay who likes to jump on whatever band wagon is currently in style. If he has shades on at night then he’s probably trying to look like a celebrity. I find it idiotic and it defeat’s the purpose of having “sun-glasses”.
  • Rowald: Do you speak any other languages?
  • Arlene: Yes
  • Rowald: What is your highest educational degree?
  • Arlene: Bull Shitting DEGREE IN Business/Accounting
  • Rowald: Want to give a final shout out?
  • Arlene: I would like to say I love you to Al, Bub, and Tash. Also all my friends! Ya’ll know who you are!

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