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Interview model Sarah Scotford

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  • Rowald: How are you today?
  • Sarah: I'm great!
  • Rowald: When and how did you start modeling?
  • Sarah: I started a few years back, when I moved from my small town to the big city. I needed a job and I'd been going to several interviews at few different companies, when some one said to me while at a coffee shop " you should be in front of a camera, not behind a desk!" So off I went!
  • Rowald: What category of photos do you do?
  • Sarah: I try not to categorize myself.. I like to do all sorts of pictures, but lets face it, I'm not 5'10 so I tend to do alot of glamor swimsuit maxim type stuff
  • Rowald: Did you take any classes for modeling or acting?
  • Sarah: None for modeling, as kid I was always posing.. Acting I took a few classes, but I don't think I was ready for it
  • Rowald: What do you do to make a shoot work out?
  • Sarah: Show up :)
  • Rowald: Does a shoot make you nervous?
  • Sarah: The shoot itself? No. It's the make up artist that scares me.. I've had some scary make up on my face
  • Rowald: Do you have a preferred scenery or outfit?
  • Sarah: The beach is always nice. The scantily clad the better!
  • Rowald: What was your most exiting modeling moment?
  • Sarah: Every moment is exciting, If it wasn't, I wouldn't be doing it
  • Rowald: I guess you do not do modeling full time. What else do you do?
  • Sarah: I style alot of other models shoots, I'm also working on a coupe of TV show ideas, and I'm also busy creating my own swimsuit line.. yes, I sew them myself
  • Rowald: Do you have any favorite artists?
  • Sarah: I would love to do a David La Chapelle shoot.. It's a whole production!
  • Rowald: Did you ever want to become an artist?
  • Sarah: nope, they starve alot
  • Rowald: What other talents do you pursue?
  • Sarah: I'm enrolled in Circus school, so I'm soon to be talented in Silks, Acro and Static Trapeze :)
  • Rowald: Do you have any hobbies?
  • Sarah: Making bikinis, and brushing up my dermatology skills
  • Rowald: Did you travel a lot and where to?
  • Sarah: I did when I was younger. I've traveled to England, France, all over the states and even South Africa
  • Rowald: Where would you like to go?
  • Sarah: I have always wanted to go to Monaco... ahh! :)
  • Rowald: Where will you be seen next?
  • Sarah: Signing autographs at the Arnold Classic
  • Rowald: What type of photos are your preference?
  • Sarah: Edgy rock n roll stuff
  • Rowald: What do you think about your look?
  • Sarah: There's always room for improvement
  • Rowald: Are you going out often?
  • Sarah: I'm a borderline hermit
  • Rowald: What type of reaction do you get when you go out?
  • Sarah: People just stare at me blankly. I often get uncomfortable and retreat home.. weird for a model, I know
  • Rowald: Have you been disrespected by men because of modeling?
  • Sarah: Yep.
  • Rowald: Do you have a thing you always have in your purse that you can't leave home without?
  • Sarah: My phone.. you know how hard it is to find a pay phone these days if you get lost and need to call someone for help.. well, it's hard!!
  • Rowald: What is your favourite type of clothing or accessories to shop for?
  • Sarah: Shoes, without a doubt
  • Rowald: Do you have any favorite color you like to wear?
  • Sarah: I've always loved to wear white
  • Rowald: What woman do you find sexy?
  • Sarah: One that is confident
  • Rowald: What type of music do you listen to?
  • Sarah: Alternative rock n roll types
  • Rowald: Do you have favorite food, drinks?
  • Sarah: Cereal and tea :)
  • Rowald: Would you consider yourself a health freak?
  • Sarah: Nope. I hate vegetables!
  • Rowald: Do you hit the gym a lot?
  • Sarah: I go in spurts
  • Rowald: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
  • Sarah: Loaded! and I don't mean drunk!
  • Rowald: Can you memorize jokes easily? If so, tell us one.
  • Sarah: No not for life of me can I remember a joke.. even after 5 minutes from hearing the joke, I still can't repeat it.. wtf?
  • Rowald: Do you have a fetish and if, what is it?
  • Sarah: Shoes and skin cream! I love to be tall and wrinkle free!
  • Rowald: What was your biggest adventure?
  • Sarah: White water rafting down the Colorado river and biking down the side of a mountain all in one day. Yes, I endowed over the handle bars like a true looser!
  • Rowald: Do you dream often and what are your dreams about?
  • Sarah: Sure do.. I have this re-occurring dream that my teeth just suddenly break up and crumble into tiny bits
  • Rowald: Are you a shy person?
  • Sarah: I'm a cancer.. I'm shy at first, but then I warm up
  • Rowald: Have you ever told someone you had a crush on him/her?
  • Sarah: If I could get David Beckham on the phone I would
  • Rowald: Are you romantic?
  • Sarah: edgy romantic ;)
  • Rowald: Does it take you long to get ready to go out?
  • Sarah: 15 minutes tops! ( if i have to )
  • Rowald: Do you change dress style often, like being flexible in look from casual to fine, or do you have like everydays wear?
  • Sarah: I love being glamorous.. I wear alot of dresses and even picked up the nickname Stepford
  • Rowald: Are you a so called high maintenance girl?
  • Sarah: not at all
  • Rowald: Would you make your hands dirty in order to get something done rather than waiting for help?
  • Sarah: I never ask for help.. I'm stubborn that way
  • Rowald: Do you speak any other languages?
  • Sarah: I used to speak French when I was younger, but I don't think it would pass now-a-days, so I'll say no to be safe
  • Rowald: What is your highest educational degree?
  • Sarah: College
  • Rowald: Before we get to an end. Can you give some tips for our wannabe models, like how to get started?
  • Sarah: Don't think that you are too good for anything.. do alot of TFP's to build a portfolio and learn from your own pictures.
  • Rowald: Wanna give a final shout out?
  • Sarah: Word.. Sorry for any spelling mistakes

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