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Interview model Laura Carretero

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Laura Carretero

  • Rowald: How are you today?
  • Laura: I'm fine thank you very much for asking Rowald !
  • Rowald: When and how did you start modeling?
  • Laura: I started modeling when my mother entered me a baby contest and I won !!!
  • Rowald: What category of photos do you do?
  • Laura: Mostly Glamour, But I do Swimwear & Lingerie as well !
  • Rowald: Did you take any classes for modeling or acting?
  • Laura: Modeling I didn't, but Acting... I did in... New York City Manhattan !!!
  • Rowald: What do you do to make a shoot work out?
  • Laura: Be myself and be on time!!
  • Rowald: Does a shoot make you nervous?
  • Laura: No I love being in front of the Camera !!
  • Rowald: Do you have a preferred scenery or outfit?
  • Laura: No I don't ... as long as I'm wearing all kinds of different outfits ... it doesn't matter if I'm inside a studio or outside ... it's all good !!
  • Rowald: What was your most exiting modeling moment?
  • Laura: When I was asked to Model for various Fashion Designers in New York !!
  • Rowald: What's your experience been like so far? How has the industry treated you so far?
  • Laura: Hmmm ... My experience has been phenomenal and I have been very grateful & bless... to have meet and work with such talented Photographers and Fashion designers ... it's still a journey that I'm proud to be a part of this industry!!!
  • Rowald: I guess you do not do modeling full time. What else do you do?
  • Laura: Well I recently produced a Short Film that is an Indie Film and I worked with Film Director/Writer/Song Writer Producer by the name of Mr. Carlos Berrios in New York City !!
  • Rowald: What are the worst assumptions people make about models?
  • Laura: I really don't have any thing negative to say about that. People have always respected me somehow ... I guess if you handle yourself in a Professional Matter ... there shouldn't be other people talking bad stuff about you ... unless a Model is doing things that you know can get you in trouble ... so it's the way a Model behaves with Others and in Public ... But then again you cannot control what the world is going to say ... I really don't care because I'm not doing anything wrong but just trying to make a living like everyone else !!
  • Rowald: Do you have any favorite artists?
  • Laura: I have a few ... Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse &.so many others !! Da Vinci is really the one that captures my eye because he did alot of everything. He was a Sculptor, Musician, Inventor, Scientist, An Architect and Mathematician. In 1452 he was born in a small town in Italy called Vinci, When he was 20 years old..he was helping his teacher do a painting of "THE BAPTISM OF CHRIST" one of my favorites. When he was 30 years old he then moved to Milan, where he did all his paintings. You can say his paintings were done as a "Realist" Style !
  • Rowald: Did you ever want to become an artist?
  • Laura: I wish, but I can't draw that good ... LOL!!!!
  • Rowald: What other talents do you pursue?
  • Laura: Well I am pursuing Acting more till I hit a Leading Role. I am also a Professional Choreographer!!
  • Rowald: Do you have any hobbies?
  • Laura: Yes I do. I love to go the Beach alot. love horsebackriding, Dancing, Reading, Cooking and Decorating !!
  • Rowald: Did you travel a lot and if, where to?
  • Laura: I traveled all around the States. I went to "Mexico D.F" twice and "Cabos Mexico" one time and also to the Carribean a place called "Turks & Caicos" ... love it all !!!
  • Rowald: Where would you like to go?
  • Laura: I'm planning on going to ITALY, SPAIN, ARGENTINA and GREECE !!
  • Rowald: If you wanted to do something nice for your man what would you do?
  • Laura: Hmmmm ... SPOIL HIM.. I have always been nice to my man !!!
  • Rowald: Where will you be seen next?
  • Laura: You are just going to have to wait like everyone else. I am working on a few projects right now and hopefully it will be a success. I will be in a TV Interview very soon in Austin Tx. So I will keep you all posted ... so stay tuned ok :)
  • Rowald: What type of photos are your preference?
  • Laura: GLAMOUR
  • Rowald: What do you think about your look?
  • Laura: I think I bring a lot to the table. I have a Unique.. Sexy Exotic look. I like to consider myself Different ... with a Tasteful & Stylish flare !!!
  • Rowald: What do you feel is your sexiest feature?
  • Laura: My Pretty Eyes ... cause everyone tells me ... jaja
  • Rowald: Are you going out often?
  • Laura: Lately yes !!!
  • Rowald: What type of reaction do you get when you go out?
  • Laura: People are always staring, but it's flattering when you have someone that recognizes me and I get the Royal treatment ... it's a great feeling !!
  • Rowald: Have you been disrespected by men because of modeling?
  • Laura: No not at all !!!
  • Rowald: Do you have a thing you always have in your purse that you can't leave home without?
  • Laura: MONEY ... LOL
  • Rowald: What is your favourite type of clothing or accessories to shop for?
  • Laura: As long as it looks "SEXY" on me !!!
  • Rowald: Do you have any favorite color you like to wear?
  • Laura: No not really !!
  • Rowald: What woman do you find sexy?
  • Laura: My idol is Sophia Loren. I also met Raquel Welch, Jane Fonda,.Jane Seymour and Diane Lane. These woman inspire me!!
  • Rowald: What type of music do you listen to?
  • Laura: Everything Salsa, Merengue, Bachata and Freestyle Music,.Hip Hop, Waltz, Country, R&B, Rock, New Age Music ... a little bit of everything!!!!
  • Rowald: Do you have favorite food, drinks?
  • Laura: I love to eat Italian food, Mexican food, Seafood, Salads, Soups, DRINKS, WHITE RUSSIANS, Beer, DOS XQUIS, BUD LITE, CORONAS, SWEET RED WINE and WHITE WINE (Must be sweet)
  • Rowald: Would you consider yourself a health freak?
  • Laura: No, but I do watch what I eat !
  • Rowald: Do you hit the gym a lot?
  • Laura: No not really ... lol. I just have good genes ... thanks to my parents!!
  • Rowald: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
  • Laura: I would love to retire somewhere in Italy!!!
  • Rowald: What's your favorite body part on a man?
  • Laura: Eyes & Lips
  • Rowald: Can you memorize jokes easily? If so, tell us one.
  • Laura: . Here it goes...
    What the "WIND" say to the "PALM TREES"?
    Answer: Hold on to your NUTS ... cuz I'm going to give you a Hell Of A "BLOWJOB" ... LOL
  • Rowald: What was your biggest adventure?
  • Laura: When I went to Cabos Mexico with my cousins. I had the time of my life !!
  • Rowald: Are you a shy person?
  • Laura: No, I am not shy, but it depends. If I really like a guy, I can be shy ... it just depends on the situation that I'm in for that moment!!
  • Rowald: What are your secrets?
  • Laura: Well you won't tell, but do you have many no one knows about? If I had a secret. I wouldn't be telling anyone ... most of the time. I have secrets that my friends tell me ... till this day I haven't told anyone ... I pretty much can keep a secret for life till I stop breathing !
  • Rowald: Have you ever told someone you had a crush on him/her?
  • Laura: Oh ya ...lots of times!!!
  • Rowald: Are you romantic?
  • Laura: I'm a hopelessly romantic type of woman ... always have ... always will !!
  • Rowald: What do you prefer Luxury hotel, tend or both?
  • Laura: Usually a Luxury hotel ... depending where I am at. If not a good descent one will do !!
  • Rowald: Does it take you long to get ready to go out?
  • Laura: Yes, I think all women do. I take about 1 hour to get ready!
  • Rowald: Do you change dress style often, like being flexible in look from casual to fine, or do you have like everydays wear?
  • Laura: At home I'm in sweats & a t-shirt ... when I go out with my girlfriends, I do dress up ... it's fun!
  • Rowald: Are you a so called high maintenance girl?
  • Laura: Hmmmm ... I think so !!
  • Rowald: Would you make your hands dirty in order to get something done rather than waiting for help?
  • Laura: Yes, I would get my hands dirty ... why wait!!
  • Rowald: When meeting a man, where do you look first at?
  • Laura: His Eyes. You have to always make eye contact no matter what !!
  • Rowald: Do you speak any other languages?
  • Laura: Yes I do. speak Spanish (Castilian Style) and a little bit of Italian
  • Rowald: Your name doesn't sound Hispanic or Asian, how come?
  • Laura: Well Laura is a common name ... it could be pronounce differently when you speak it in Spanish ... it sounds different ... trust me!!
  • Rowald: What is your highest educational degree?
  • Laura: I went 1 1/2 year in college and that was it.. I have always worked my whole life !!!
  • Rowald: Before we get to an end. Can you give some tips for our wannabe models, like how to get started?
  • Laura: Yes of course. Make sure you do research on the photographers ... so you can be safe around them. Get references from other models ... and do alot of TFPs so you can start a nice portfolio & learn from your own images. You can also learn from other models as well. Be confident with your body. Learn to have self respect. Don't let anyone try to tell you to do something you don't feel like doing. Enjoy modeling because you want to do it. It's in your heart to love it. If you don't love what you're doing, then stop and find something else. Be happy and always try to get ideas from your photographers. Take advice from other models that have been doing this for a long time ... and see what direction it takes you ... good luck to every model out there!!
  • Rowald: Wanna give a final shout out?
  • Laura: Ummm ... ok ... I would like to thank you Rowald for having me here in your Modeling site. I truly enjoy it. you make me feel so welcome and I truly appreciate everything you are doing for me ... but for also Us Models as well ... and to my friends & family ... thanks for your love and support ... to my Fans who have always believed in me thru all these years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope I can inspire others to be who you want to be. I think every woman out there is Beautiful inside & out ... follow your dreams and Never give up ... I know I won't. I still continue following my dream ... so once again thank you for reading this interview and much love to everyone who loves me for who I am ... Ciao everyone .. Besos ♥
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Laura Carretero

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