Toni Leigh

Toni Leigh


Toni Leigh
Contact & Booking
Location:Beverly Hills/LA, CA
Vital Stats
Date of birth:
Height:5'6" / 168 cm
Weight:105 lbs / 48 kg
Dress size:0
Types of Modeling
Shoot Interests -Print, -Swimwear, -Fashion, -Lingerie, -artistic -advertising -*No Nudes

To book you for a shoot, whom should people contact? email@tonileigh.com please include as much detailed information as possible for potential assigments.

Favorite Color: This changes every seaon. This season is white and pale pink.

Favorite Food: I like so many types of foods, i can't even name them all. I eat a LOT. Favorite Hobbies: Besides the obvious o­nes like dancing, reading, traveling, fashion and movies, I also enjoy video games, windsurfing, ping pong, working out, and cooking and sewing.

Favorite Things: smooth bare skin, fiery sunsets, and cozy furs. Or smooth bare skin against soft fur basking in a fiery sunset. =)

Favorite Movies: Favorite Music: Besides what they play o­n the radio, the usual R&B, hiphop and top40 that everyone likes, I also enjoy progressive trance, a little new age/world music, and foreign contemporary music (german, chinese, korean...)

What was your first modeling job (what was it for and when was it - or how old were you )? I was 15ish and it was for a Korean TV show in Toronto.

Why did you decide to start modeling? I guess its a very typical story. I was somewhere, got scouted, and decided to try it. But I did put it o­n hold for many years to concentrate o­n my education. Post college, I had more free time and was able to pick it up again.

What were you like growing up? I was a real tomboy. I ran around and played cops and robber with the boys while other girls were playing house. And as an o­nly child, I needed constant stimulation and interaction. Can't sit still for too long.

Tell us a few childhood memories. I was in first grade, and a boy from my class asked if I'd like to do homework with him after school. I accepted, and upon arriving at his house, he didn't want to do home work anymore - he wanted to play cops and robbers. I was the robber. He caught me, tied me up with some make shift rope, and threw me in "jail", which was a small closet. Then he closed the jail door, so it was dark inside. He leaned in
closer and closer, his face almost touching mine. When I realized he was going for a kiss, I freaked out. Maybe it was the rope, or the darkness, or the unexpectedness, plus I always thought of myself as o­ne of the boys and never saw myself as a girl. I jumped up and ran out of there as fast as I can. Haha. It's funny now, but imagine if you thought you were a boy, and another boy tried to kiss you!

What do you hope to do in life? I hope to lead a happy and productive life. It's hard to be happy when you're poor, so I guess I'd have to make a good living too.

What would you want to be remembered for? You mean after I die? Hopefully you won't remember what I wanted to be remembered for because it will be so far away from now when you need to remember it. =)

Who influenced you the most as you grew up? I didn't model myself after anyone really. I admire people with great strength and self-preserverance. I like to single out dazzling traits of each person and see what I can do to adopt these qualities.

Tell us about your beliefs (either religious or things in life that are important to you): I'm agnostic. I believe in spirituality but not necessarily some of the widely held concepts concerning religion. I do believe in the existence of a higher power and life energy.

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