What does Verified Member mean?

First, we don't endorse anyone, verfied or not. Verification just tells that we have verified that the owner of a profile is who he/she/it claims and is indeed a photographer or business. There is no 100% certainty!!!

That a profile has no verification logo means, that he/she/it didn't care to get verified or did not see this possibility yet. A profile could also be fake in rare cases. Verification is not a requirement except for some businesses.

How to get verified?

  • For Models make a hand written sign with your name, 'Modelgraphy' and a date on it and take a picture in a way that we can verify it is you. Email that to us.
  • For photographers send a copy of your offical press id to us.
  • For businesses send verifiable business information and if an agency and applicable the agency identification number.
  • We don't accept selfmade business cards, badges from any events or self produced references like other profiles. It must be verifiable.

Our email: Email - Requires browser support

This is all new and if you have suggestions let us know.

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