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Project Offers and Casting Calls - 2014 Official Oklahoneys Calendar

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2014 Official Oklahoneys Calendar


Brown & Rogers Co.
Name:Rogers & Roman Modeling
Professional Status:Professional
Location:Oklahoma City
Phone Number:4053261501 Fax:
Email:Email - Requires browser support

Looking for:

Profession:Model Makeup stylist
Travel:Not covered
Compensation:Hourly plus Percentage of Sales
Cloth:stylist will advise model on clothing from model's wardrobe


Title:2014 Official Oklahoneys Calendar
Description:Calling all models, stylists, and makeup artists. Roman & Rogers modeling and talent is filling spots for the official 2014 Oklahoneys calendar! All experience and skill levels accepted! Email us with your contact information (phone number etc...) So we can get you into the office to lay down the specifics over coffee. This is a nonnude shoot. Stylists have access to models' wardrobe and limited retail peices as needed. Makeup artists should bring their own, but models' makeup will be available too.
Date:End of January
Duration:1 day
Location:Oklahoma City and Surrounding


Created: Mon, 06 Jan 2014 05:41:56 +0100

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