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We use cookies for your convenience. Cookies are named variables with an assigned value. Its not a program nor a virus or whatever people say. We do use two kinds of cookies. One kind holds e.g. your selection of theme or the page width and these are stored on your PC for max one year. The other kind is stored on your PC until you close your browser and these hold e.g. a session identifier or whether you turned on scroll top lock (scissor icon). The session identifier allows to save login information or e.g. random picture history. We do not use tracking cookies and avoid features which do so. So NO Like It button and that kind of shit on this site. Features which require cookies are marked with as long as cookies aren't approved.

Third party cookies: Google Ads or services (if enabled on this site) might use cookies, which are out of our control.

TIP: Since cookies are different for browsers, we recommend to have one browser for e.g. Facebook and the other for surfing the Internet. You may even top this by using a third one for your banking activities. Some browsers provide settings to delete all cookies when closed.

Server Logs

Internet Servers produce logs of what they are doing and what they are serving. This includes e.g. IP address, User Agent, Referrer etc. Those logs may be kept a few days or weeks for e.g. debugging and error corrections.

Data Sharing

We will not share none-public data with third parties, except when forced on legal grounds.


As a member you keep your rights on everything you post. This includes the right to delete what is yours. A few exceptions apply to some posts and quotes of your posts, where just your name will be removed. In order to make use of your rights, you need to provide proper login credentials or verification that you are the rightful owner of a profile.

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